Sunday, June 25, 2017


Everything on my heart answered in one Word. Remarkable.

Better Is Just Ahead

Ever consider that David was not God’s first choice for King? Saul was the first one chosen. Regardless of what people say about Saul, he was sent by God to Samuel as an answer to the prayer of God’s people. YOU also are an answer to somebody’s prayer. David wasn’t the first choice – but he was the BEST choice.
God Has BetterIf you are serving under someone else, “whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as TO THE LORD, and not unto men.” (Col 3:22) work as if you were working for Jesus because the Lord see’s your effort and “you shall receive the reward of your inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”
David was a man after God’s heart and that is why he ended up in the role that Saul was originally given. He was a man after- in pursuit of – God’s heart. Your ROLE changes but your PURPOSE doesn’t. If your passion is God’s presence and you stay focused on fulfilling your present assignment, you will discover that what you are doing now is actually preparing you for what your NEXT ROLE is going to be.
Esther was not the Kings first choice – she ended up replacing Queen Vashti.
You may feel like you are running LAST but the last are often FIRST before the story is over. The “first born” in the family were the ones with the Birthright and the Inheritance. However….
Isaac was second to Ishmael.
Jacob was second to Esau.
Joseph was 11th out of 12 and anything but the first choice of his brothers.
Moses was not the people’s choice for a deliverer – they drove him into a desert.
Jeremiah was not Israel’s first choice for a Prophet, but he was Gods.
Peter and the rest of the disciples in Galilee were not the local Rabbi’s first choice. All young men went to Hebrew school, but by 13 were either encouraged to continue with the Rabbi and be further trained or were told to “go learn the trade of your father.” When Jesus saw Peter, James, Andrew and John they were doing like the Rabbi said – working in their fathers fishing business.
NOW the CRAZIEST of all overlooks in history….Jesus of Nazareth was overlooked by the local Rabbi as a qualified recruit for the ministry.
Stay faithful to your present call, stay passionate about His presence and stay OPEN to the providential ways that God opens doors because YOU are an answer to someone’s prayer and your gifts are a solution to someone’s problem. Be an expert problem solver and you accelerate your positioning…it’s just a mater of time. Remember, Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead

Saturday, June 24, 2017


The goal now is to complete 2 chapters per day. This will leave 9 more chapters to go from this point. Despite having to try and learn so much so quickly... it's exciting to be doing and learning something new. Mother and I sit here and read and read and read and help each other on the end tests to each chapter. We've finally cut out the people in life who held us back or didn't hold us in high esteem when we thought they actually did. Well... that would be more her than me. But still.... it's nice to cut all cords and drift on in the right direction free from all of these burdensome things. So much stress in life is completely self-induced.  I'll gladly take on the burden of someone looking for a house or looking to sell one. Relationships with people cover a whole lot of "types" of relationships. Sometimes... you just can't even be friends or even have contact with a person for that matter. My business mind will be going full force and my inner circle will be extremely few.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


It's finally began to get exciting. I hated to lose my little Stinker to diabetes complications... but my old Dodge truck is still full of his long white hairs and his cat tee-tee smell. Oh well. I don't think this is a suitable vehicle for performing real estate duties... but maybe I can start out farming for other realtors for a cut of the dough. This way I can show people what it really is to be a "behind the scenes" helper. Just me.... and the ghost of Stinker.... forging out into something new. Mother wants his ashes mixed in with hers. But I got news for her. Half will go into mine.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


You know your area is busting out with growth when veterinarians clinics start popping up everywhere. Seems like there are more and more and more.

New designs in jewelry on the way! I do believe Texas is down. Hopefully not for the count. But everyone here is saying it's DOOOOOWN. Good thing we're all over the states. More now than ever. I told Dallas Market to take us off the call list. It's like haunted house ghost town over there. Vendors for years always had use of the flat bed dollies to take their merchandise up to and from a show on the 12th and 13th floor. One particular show they locked them up and said we couldn't use them anymore because the hired workers needed to get paid to help move people with their own equipment. Tons of locked up and locked away... throw away the key flat bed dollies just sitting there. I tore up a $150 pair of cork wedge shoes doodling our merchandise piece by piece up out of that mother. But.... Pat said one day they'll pay for that. And, by golly, I believe they have paid dearly in the end for ALL the crappy treatment of wonderful, loyal vendors.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Chapter 5 down...

So Martin didn't get the taking care of and feeding I'd hoped for. He was out of the nest today and on a box lid. So we put him in a bird cage I was smart enough to keep over these years. He's of the age where I thought he'd be easy to feed. He was weak because I'm pretty sure I had him in the wrong nest which probably causes "problems". So I had to coax him to eat the first meal. But the second meal and beyond... he's very active and extremely vocal and loves to eat and lets me know when he's had enough. Today he had cherries added to his diet since we had bought some to snack on for ourselves.

I'm really looking forward to the real estate. It's hard sometimes to know exactly how your life will go. But I did have an interest before in real estate and even began studies for it. Mother won't have arrived in life and literally be able to heal unless she's in sales and all that comes with it which are the people. It's like a fish out of water... have to get in your element to thrive. I just want to know something else. I love the feeling of learning something new. I want to reach a better class of people. It's time to pull up from the nose dive that has been "East Texas" and all its glory.

Friday, June 16, 2017


Chapter 4.... down.

Nature is a huge part of everyday life around here. We chased Bubba Boo for a long time with a little bird in his mouth. Amazing he looked unharmed after being run all over the yard. So I put him back up in one of the many mud martin nests in the garage. So tall the ceilings are in there. So... I'm sure he's in the wrong nest but is still in there today which makes 5 total.

One of the longhorns dropped her baby yesterday. I was kind enough to cut her back end out of the photo. He's still wet here in the photo and couldn't really hold his head up.
The is a shot of the two huge buzzards who love to hang out around here. It clabbered up and came a good thick rain here. They immediately flew out to each high pole and had a good time bathing.  There are smaller birds who never like them around and you can see them also in mid air trying to run the buzzards off. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It's interesting. All I had to do was become a $5-$10 wholesale jewelry company to be back in the chips. Lord.

But.... real estate it is. Forward ho. Chapter 3 down and passed. I don't know who formed the committee and the commissions and had this fancy mathematical way of dropping members on odd days and even days every other year and staggered out and on and on and on. Craziness. But... they must have had a mind like mine.