Sunday, August 20, 2017


Real Estate math... down. Back on the chain gang.

So no... I wasn't finished and ready for the state exam or even 30 degrees finished or even 30 percent of the way.  I was 30 hours finished out of a total of 180. Still a ways to go but coming off of the "computer screen reading/testing" and going full-on with text book only. So much easier. Can see so much more at a glance. Easier to find answers too.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I went back to Freddy's and this time it was the same... but I saw it all differently.  The bun was the same... non-toasted and very soggy immediately. I had to hold half of the hamburger very strategically to hold it together just to get a bite / eat it. The shoestring french fries were, as usual, hard to pick up and even harder to warrant putting any ketchup on them. They're all different lengths.... so if you think you're going to get smart and pick up 2 or 3 (so you can actually taste them) you're wrong. Now I don't want to be wrong.... especially when I'm NOT wrong. The truth is.... these burgers with soggy buns and these microscopic fries are hard to pick up thus hard to eat. I think what I liked most about Freddy's was that everyone liked them so much. I was proud of Freddy's. I liked to see them busy when no one else around was. But another truth is that I probably won't be back... unless just to go through the drive-through and get a custard sundae or something. Bye.