Sunday, October 15, 2017


I've pretty much finished the 36 x 40 elk painting. I guess it's an elk.... and hope that's the same thing as a buck.  Been gathering up glassware like crazy for Canton. Paints ordered and ready to paint, paint, paint. Still need to head to Louisiana for domed cake plates, platters, dessert plates and pitchers... plus more stemware. I can find a lot at Wal-Mart (Libby).... but not near enough.

They told me Granny said the ambulance driver was asking about me the day they took her out of here. Doubt if I'll go up to the ambulance station to see what all that was about... but it's nice to think someone was possibly interested in me. I looked up Charles Bronson and honestly... he's hard to look at in lots of the photos. Not easy on the eyes at all. But then again, that's never what I liked about him although he did have a great body. I just love the way he took care of Jill when she was sick and really loved her... then took care of her again before she died.

I was out the other day and a guy came up and flirted a bit. I guess he could have passed for some version of Bronson. He put his hand on my side... kind of slightly up above my waist line. It caught me off guard. I keep wondering "Would Charles Bronson have done that?" I don't know. Not that big a deal. And honestly... how much conversation can you have with a stranger when you're with a group of women? I want what I want... but not above all anymore. Being very careful this time around. Good only, please.