Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Judy said once that she didn't feel her daughter wanted her (living) anywhere around her. Not at anytime in life really... but especially as she was getting older. She warned me once about waking up and all of a sudden being 80 years old. I think she'd feel differently being her age if things were different with her daughter(s). The truth is... we're all going to wake up and be 80 if we live long enough. I don't have any regrets as to whether I should have stayed with this turd or explored more with that turd. It just wasn't on the table to even consider. Neither has anything good been on the table as far as another human being. I've never had an insatiable need to make things appear more glamorous than they are. Not even life. But I do believe the best is always yet to be.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Mother's pretty sure she'll be raptured up out of here before long. She's been studying a lot of Bible prophesy. I told her I hope it's way before she turns 90. Granny is 90. We found her a nice place today where she can rehabilitate with physical therapy after her heart valve replacement surgery is completed. Really excited about this place. You know, I'll let them deal with that demon seed. I remember what Baddie Winkle said... "Live and let live". We'll just let that thing alone and leave it in there and work around it somehow. I've always said Granny needs an exorcism and that I wanted to be nowhere around when that thing flew out of there. Now I see there's no need, no need. I'm just gonna paint some fingernails and make some buttermilk pie and get on with it. Tomorrow's another day.