Friday, June 16, 2017


Chapter 4.... down.

Nature is a huge part of everyday life around here. We chased Bubba Boo for a long time with a little bird in his mouth. Amazing he looked unharmed after being run all over the yard. So I put him back up in one of the many mud martin nests in the garage. So tall the ceilings are in there. So... I'm sure he's in the wrong nest but is still in there today which makes 5 total.

One of the longhorns dropped her baby yesterday. I was kind enough to cut her back end out of the photo. He's still wet here in the photo and couldn't really hold his head up.
The is a shot of the two huge buzzards who love to hang out around here. It clabbered up and came a good thick rain here. They immediately flew out to each high pole and had a good time bathing.  There are smaller birds who never like them around and you can see them also in mid air trying to run the buzzards off. 

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