Tuesday, June 20, 2017


You know your area is busting out with growth when veterinarians clinics start popping up everywhere. Seems like there are more and more and more.

New designs in jewelry on the way! I do believe Texas is down. Hopefully not for the count. But everyone here is saying it's DOOOOOWN. Good thing we're all over the states. More now than ever. I told Dallas Market to take us off the call list. It's like haunted house ghost town over there. Vendors for years always had use of the flat bed dollies to take their merchandise up to and from a show on the 12th and 13th floor. One particular show they locked them up and said we couldn't use them anymore because the hired workers needed to get paid to help move people with their own equipment. Tons of locked up and locked away... throw away the key flat bed dollies just sitting there. I tore up a $150 pair of cork wedge shoes doodling our merchandise piece by piece up out of that mother. But.... Pat said one day they'll pay for that. And, by golly, I believe they have paid dearly in the end for ALL the crappy treatment of wonderful, loyal vendors.

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