Saturday, June 24, 2017


The goal now is to complete 2 chapters per day. This will leave 9 more chapters to go from this point. Despite having to try and learn so much so quickly... it's exciting to be doing and learning something new. Mother and I sit here and read and read and read and help each other on the end tests to each chapter. We've finally cut out the people in life who held us back or didn't hold us in high esteem when we thought they actually did. Well... that would be more her than me. But still.... it's nice to cut all cords and drift on in the right direction free from all of these burdensome things. So much stress in life is completely self-induced.  I'll gladly take on the burden of someone looking for a house or looking to sell one. Relationships with people cover a whole lot of "types" of relationships. Sometimes... you just can't even be friends or even have contact with a person for that matter. My business mind will be going full force and my inner circle will be extremely few.

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