Friday, June 30, 2017


So mother has been reading and supposedly we're supposed to be in the "double jubilee" time period. I thought about it and it's true that the mud martins in the garage used to have just a few nests when we moved here... maybe one or two.  Now, after nearly 5 years.... they have soooooo many.  I walked into the garage the other day and it was completely silent. I looked up and about 35 birds were swirling around the top of the ceiling. All the babies are learning to fly and out of the nest. It's a double-jubilee year for the martins for sure. Then... we sat outside trying to swat the multitude of flies that have gotten too smart to be killed. The neon green fly swatters have been entered into their program system and it's so hard to kill them anymore. Then I noticed a spot on the concrete where about 20 of them were congregated on something. I swatted down and killed at least 15.  After that, I bet we killed 45 more. It was a fly jubilee. The next morning, we saw no dead flies anywhere. I think the frogs family in the flower bed came out to eat them. You can only hear them when you turn on the sprinkler to water the plants. They're so happy they can't keep quiet. A frog jubilee. I fed the cats the other evening and when I went across the corner to go into Lauren's area to feed her, she flipped onto her back and started trying to balance straight on the backbone of her back... back legs straight out. Just balancing. I haven't seen her do that in at least two years. It was a Lauren jubilee.

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