Saturday, June 17, 2017


Chapter 5 down...

So Martin didn't get the taking care of and feeding I'd hoped for. He was out of the nest today and on a box lid. So we put him in a bird cage I was smart enough to keep over these years. He's of the age where I thought he'd be easy to feed. He was weak because I'm pretty sure I had him in the wrong nest which probably causes "problems". So I had to coax him to eat the first meal. But the second meal and beyond... he's very active and extremely vocal and loves to eat and lets me know when he's had enough. Today he had cherries added to his diet since we had bought some to snack on for ourselves.

I'm really looking forward to the real estate. It's hard sometimes to know exactly how your life will go. But I did have an interest before in real estate and even began studies for it. Mother won't have arrived in life and literally be able to heal unless she's in sales and all that comes with it which are the people. It's like a fish out of water... have to get in your element to thrive. I just want to know something else. I love the feeling of learning something new. I want to reach a better class of people. It's time to pull up from the nose dive that has been "East Texas" and all its glory.

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