Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm so glad I have a mom who can save me $70 on a haircut. It's so cute and exactly what was needed. Just even 2 weeks ago, you could not have convinced me that I'd now be online studying for a real estate agent license. Later on I'll see what it takes to become a member of NAR and be officially called a "realtor". There are 17 chapters in all that will literally kick your ass. I've learned to roll with the punches instead of taking them straight on. Bob and weave. Go with the given answers of the quizes then make sure and DO take that final exam for each chapter the maximum amount of times which is 3. The more familiar the better when that big day gets here. I hope my reasoning is right. I've usually always made good and right choices in life so far. They say most of the the stuff you learn to pass the test.... you'll never use or even see again. Must be true because when my cousin got out of school and was trying to write her first sales contract, she had to call the broker to find out how to fill it in. Seems to make perfect sense.

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