Thursday, June 29, 2017


What'd you do last night? Oooooh, not much. Just ran Ray Ray up to Allen's on an emergency call due to his urinary tract being blocked. Got home late. Ray has his catheter in now and is at least comfortable. I've always found the sacrifice for my animals to be more than worth while. It beats having vulture people in your life and mistaking them as friends. If you think Pat is such an albatross around my neck, then at least do her the courtesy of not bellying up to her extensive home-cooked meals of briskets and smoked ribs on the grill with all the home-made sides to go with it. Damn-nation. If you don't have a high opinion of someone, then at least don't show up at their house and act like a friend and take advantage of all the fringe benefits. The value of a person is not in their youth (which is always relative) or their ability to make money or your ability (or non-ability) to control them to get what you want. Their value is not in what they can do for you. We've done plenty around here for other people. "And now"... we're doing for ourselves with a quiet place to work on it for a change.

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