Monday, July 3, 2017


So I passed my test in 2 tries for getting one answer wrong. The only one out of the 17 that I was "sure of" and didn't look it up to check. Then... mother had her test. We ran through those chapters up and down and backwards and forwards looking for the answer to a couple or three of the questions. Couldn't find it. So I finally had a couple glasses of wine and pulled the trigger & low and behold.... she passed. So today... thank the Lord.... Chapter 12 is a shorter one that we'll have to read / be tested on.

I think I've read enough and finally found what happened to my little Stinker. The quick progression of it and the symptoms seem to match and even one of the causes. Mother was right when she got the feeling we were losing him and that he was dying. The vet was right when she said his body was shutting down and dying on its own in front of us. But no one knew why.

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