Tuesday, July 4, 2017


5 more to go...

I'd like to say I'm so excited.... but mostly just tired. Lots and lots of reading and learning. Plus.... mowing all this yard... filling jewelry orders.... making new earrings to introduce.... basing in some canvases for canvas art. What else? 

It's nice to walk into a dinner of Swedish meatballs in sour cream gravy. Fresh salad with little tomatoes and chunks of blue cheese with buttermilk ranch dressing, steamed mixed vegetables and rice.

Little Ray Ray is doing good. I'll be taking my cats to Allen from now on. I really feel Dr. Casey let Cookie die due to simply not treating his symptoms which were the same as the other upper respiratory problematic cats we've had around here. He couldn't breathe. Because you feel a little lump in his stomach shouldn't mean he doesn't get treated for not being able to breathe. Cookie was sent home with no antibiotics for his upper respiratory problem which was so bad it interfered with his being able to eat. Winkie had the same thing and he lost a ton of weight from it. If I'd felt there was time to get Coo and eventually killed him from his lungs filling up with crap until he died. If I could have made it to Allen with him, I would have done it. When I asked him if some antibiotics would help Cookie just like it did Winkie, he just looked at me and said "No!.  It's the cancer". Please. I like my animals to be officially diagnosed with something first and still... please treat the symptoms at hand.

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