Sunday, July 9, 2017


So today was a day of finding out just what that new fast food place was that went in recently beside Taco Bueno in Terrell. It's Freddy's!!!  Can't wait to go back. I have NEVER HAD a steak burger before. No line when we walked in.. but by the time our food was ready, the line was wrapped outside the building and around. Sundays.

For weeks I had wanted to drive/walk around the cemetery in Terrell. The fences literally draw you in. They are rod iron and have the names of families who have evidently donated to the cemetery and/or have family buried there. HUGE monuments in there with monstrous crape myrtle trees to go with it all in the "1800's" original section. Such a treat to be in there. One monument stood out to me so much. A very small one in the shape of an open ribbed seashell with a baby laying inside. "Gone too soon...". That, with the stop at Freddy's and the 20% off of cat litter at Big Lots... who could want for more.

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