Friday, July 14, 2017


None of that for me, thank you. I've spent my life helping and caring for people and animals. Very compassionate. I'd never dream of wanting to run around with someone and let them entertain me... pay for my lunches most of the time; show up at their house to eat home-cooked meals whilst having such a low opinion of them that rolls off the tongue with little prodding. But you'd be surprised. I've learned to wise up big time at this point in my life. If it means sitting it out... indefinitely.... then that's what it means. When there's not a good move to make, you don't make one. Go with those gut feelings. One of the most important things I've learned is that when people show you and actually tell you who they are... believe them. I couldn't imagine sitting beside someone and making fun of them so badly as a way to get them out of your life and being so tickled and proud of it in front of your favorite child that you gripe about having to support all the time. But you'd be surprised. I got tired of being surprised.

Yesterday was a day of trimming a section of hedges that nearly took me out. Full sun and a lot of suffering... but the results were amazing and inspiring to keep it going. One of the larger bird couples around here had the perfect nest until a branch broke and fell out. Then her nest was left almost sideways and in full sun. The eggs were getting too hot and she was trying to make an umbrella with her wing while nearly burning up alive herself. We had a piece of brown netting from the craft store and made a hammock; tied both ends to the biggest branch and cinched it up. It was a good day.

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