Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Well I've failed the chapter 14 test twice by one question each time. Not for it not being "right" but just not the best of the right answers available although they were all really right. Not quite right enough is the new "wrong". Almost ready to eat a bullet here. And I tell you, I could care less what the King thought about dispersing land to the few lucky or how he took the land back or never gave it in the first place... all one big farce.

In my mind I think about how much I hate wrapped white canvas now and how blinding it is and I just need to get away from it. I think about the 2 wooden rounds I painted from that rotted down coffee table so many months back now. I want to paint on the wood again. I kind of paint on it in my mind. Found a youtube on how to make the box lid type things. I can actually do my painting first and frame it up later. Sounds good to me.

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