Thursday, July 6, 2017


So mother and I were talking today about the people we've had here for dinner and the people we've tried to invite and get here... only to have them cancel out at the last minute. We've cooked, entertained and tried to entertain and show people a good time. I've bought pots and pans to cook for people only to have that blow up in my face. In these past few weeks... we've decided to cease from all things that are not working or haven't worked in the past. Just stop. Stop. Invest in yourself for a change. Have and give the best to yourself. Don't give the best of yourself to people who don't care; who aren't truly friends and find it real entertaining to sit and make fun of you. Those are the people you don't want to give your best or "best years" to. Don't do it. Stop. Regroup... and begin again.

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